Security support to Channel Tunnel train operator


We provide security support to the train operator which carries freight and all forms of motor vehicles through the Channel Tunnel.


  • Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Passport Checking
  • CCTV Monitoring


  • Recruited and trained 40+ passport checkers
  • Expanded the contract to include vehicle scanning
  • Awarded 17, ‘NC 7s’ for surpassing performance
  • All H&S issues investigated and closed within days
  • Dedicated bench team provides full shift coverage

Project Highlights

  • 5 year partnership
  • 135 officers
  • 1 locations

Security provision for a high profile private bank


We provide security services to a high profile private banking organisation and iconic brand in the financial sector.


  • Front of House
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Visitor Greeting
  • Site Patrols
  • Access and Egress
  • Load Monitoring


  • Customer care, Project Griffin and terrorism awareness training
  • First class service to welcome and protect prestigious visitors
  • “Cordant’s presence provides reassurance for staff. The value of this cannot be overstated. I cannot think of a single complaint but have many complements for the whole team. Clients as well as staff have all commented on their professionalism when dealing with the public or incidents. We have commendations from neighbouring buildings, even the Royal Diplomatic Protection Division of the Police.” - Client's Head of Security

Project Highlights

  • 18 year partnership
  • 17 officers
  • 3 locations

A tailored security solution for a multinational chain


We are proud to provide a multinational supermarket chain, and the third largest retailer in the world, a tailored security solution.


  • Storefront Security
  • Car Park Marshalling
  • Site Patrolling
  • CCRV Control Room Management


  • 19 dedicated managers and centralised support
  • ‘Great Guarding’ Silver level qualified team
  • Bespoke client training and induction programmes
  • Free, new store risk assessment consultancy
  • Additional mass security support for peak trading

Project Highlights

  • 15 year partnership
  • 1,200 officers
  • 550 locations

Multi-service security solution for a major online retailer


We work collaboratively with a major online retailer to deliver a 360 degree, multi-service security solution.


  • Manned Guarding
  • Access Control
  • Gatehouse Duties
  • Vehicle Checks
  • CCTV
  • Patrolling
  • Searching


  • 5K monthly hours in planned security and over 2K reactive
  • High impact search team focused on loss prevention
  • Avoided £420K in shrinkage cost over the last 12 months
  • Provision of receptionists at their larger sites
  • Deliver almost 100% of all requirements

Project Highlights

  • 15 year partnership
  • 30 officers
  • 20 locations

Retail Crime is on the Rise

Crime in retail has been on the rise. The recent British Retail Consortium's Annual Crime Survey showed some shocking findings from its members. Probably the most eye catching were:

There are 115 violent incidents against members of staff each and every day Customer theft had increased by 33% costing the retail economy £700m

Tackling retail crime can be a complex problem. Manned security can be one part of the solution, but paying for someone to just stand by the door will have little impact in its own right. A deterrent can only go so far.

For manned security to be effective it needs to be proactive and absolutely fit for purpose. There are a number of qualities a security company needs to get this absolutely right.

So how do you select a company which is going to have the best impact?

Do they have deep industry knowledge?

Lots of security companies claim to undertake retail work, but do they? Who are they dealing with and how long is their relationship with retailers in the same space as you? A long and enduring industry knowledge forms the foundation for much of what follows.

Cordant Security have been working alongside some of our retail clients for over 15 years. The knowledge that has been gathered and analysed over the years has lead to dynamic solutions being implemented such as our Assault Prevention Training videos and Practical best practice with Body Worn Cameras to aid crime and violence prevention. These teach our officers how to handle anti social behaviour and neutralise potentially dangerous situations; protecting them, customers and the employees in their stores.

Have they the scale and operational systems to perform nationally in a consistent manner?

What can be found across many security businesses is that most security managers will be responsible for a lot more admin tasks like scheduling shifts, covering absence and generating reports. This stops what managers should be doing; engaging with the workforce and the clients running the risk of dropped shifts and stores not being covered when needed.

At Cordant Security we have the National Communications Centre (NCC). This acts as our national hub. One of its functions is to take the majority of administration tasks off our managers. This means that any shifts that are at risk of being dropped can be handled by the NCC team leading to an exceptional industry standard in shift coverage.

Does the company in question have the ability to self deliver trained guards in all instances?

Many security companies appear to rely on subcontractors, making a significant weak link in the service provision. When a contract is agreed, the client will expect a certain level of service which is controlled by the security provider. Once subcontractors are involved, a security business loses that control.

At Cordant we make it a point to not use subcontractors. This ensures that our service is always delivered to the standards we expect and that we are in full control of our operations.

Once these service fundamentals are answered then more sophisticated areas need to be addressed.

Officer Training - Are officers training in retail and client specific aspects such that their ability to perform is complementary with the environment they perform within.

Management Support - Are their suitable numbers of well trained managers with the systems to deliver the support needed producing a well motivated and engaged officer.

Constant Contract Development - The BRC survey clearly shows the landscape is changing. Can the security company in question demonstrate an ability to change and adapt in response to this.

Only with all this in place will the manned guarding provision address the challenges being faced in retailing

Violent Crime is on The Rise in Retail

The holiday shopping season is almost upon us. It’s the time of year were shopper footfall is at its highest with shoppers getting ready for Christmas and the dreaded Black Friday sales approach.

Over the years we’ve seen various viral videos released of people fighting over the last half price LCD TV or racing through stores to get the best items on this year's wish list. But this time of year highlights some of the issues we see all year round. Crime in Retail.

The British Retail Consortium released in its latest report which indicated that Retail Crime is on the rise. The total cost of crime and crime prevention in Retail was £1.9bn in 2018. Theft is also up by 31% reaching £700 million but most concerning of all is the 42,000 assaults or threats against staff in 2018.

That’s a rise from 524 incidents per 1,000 premises in 2017 to a shocking 1,433 in 2018. The BRC’s survey revealed that 115 retail employees were attacked at work everyday.

As a leading provider of security services to the retail sector these figures aren’t too surprising. There may be socio-economic reasons for this rise but we won’t get into that here. Instead we’ll focus on what we can do to prevent incidents like these from arising in the first place.


Training, Training, Training. In our experience this is the most important factor when it comes to preventing assaults and threats in a retail environment. Teaching officers the best ways to approach situations from body language to tone of voice and disarming phrases has significantly reduced assaults across our contracts.

We run specific training courses based on conflict management giving our officers the tools to become mediators instead of your traditional enforcer.

Currently we’re investing in new ways of training our officers. We’ve begun production on a large number of video training courses complete with quiz style questions to properly engage our officers when training. We already have specific videos on managing assaults, theft and anti-social behaviour.

Mobile Elite Officers

Often our officers will be assigned to secure stores alone. This is reasonable as most small stores only require one officer but in recent times we have seen organised criminals enter stores and try to distract guards whilst accomplices attempt to shoplift. Or sometimes criminals will swamp a store together completely outnumbering an officer. This is where Mobile Elite Officers come in.

Mobile Elite Officer will be called into action to support our officers based around cities and town centres. Armed with CCTV capability they have proven to be an effective deterrent and evidence gatherer for further investigations.


It’s true that a well trained, high performing officer can be effective when combating crime in retail but true impact happens when strong partnerships are made.

Emphasis should always be made to form as many partnerships as possible. Local alliances between neighbouring stores who share information has been shown to reduce crime. Establishing forms of communication like community radios can further reduce crime enabling stores to react to anti-social behaviour or emergencies together.

Retailers and officers should also look to the local police force for community support. Good relationships with local police officers can often lead to more effective crime preventative measures and greater cooperation.

With many aspects of the market tightening the belts of the retail sector such as Brexit, security businesses will be tested on their value and crime prevention methods. Providing direct cost savings in the form of reduced theft and reducing the amount of physical confrontations is always a strong indication that we're on the right track but we should always look to improve.

Although we can’t truly affect the causes of crime across the Retail sector, we play a significant part in its prevention.

Three Cordant Security Employees Nominated for Awards 2020

Three Cordant Security employees have been nominated in this year's Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) taking place tomorrow at the Royal Lancaster in London.

Our three finalists have been nominated for two categories. The nominees are :

Mark Green - Outstanding Security Manager

Mark has been recognised for his outstanding work ethic and professionalism, becoming an integral part of the client’s team, driving innovation and leading by example.

Tim Stubbington - Outstanding Security Officer

Tim has been nominated for his constant commitment to providing a first class service and is always on hand to support students and staff across his site.

Dave Bayes - Outstanding Security Officer

Dave has been recognised for his security knowledge and awareness. He is always tuned in and always on the front foot engaging with curious behaviour in order to reassure the public and deter any hostility.

Supporting our employees to achieve and develop their career is a key part of our overall strategy and principles.

We’re delighted for our three employees and wish them all the best for the event tomorrow. These nominations are a tribute to their hard work and excellent performance they show each and every day.

International Women’s Day

It is a fair assessment to say that the Security Industry is a male dominated industry. According to Women’s Security Society only around 10% of the security workforce are made up of women but more and more are joining each year. For international women’s day we caught up with Jana Webrova, one of our Security Supervisors to discuss her experience of the security industry.

How long have you worked in the security industry?

“I have been working in the security industry for about eleven years and I’ve been with Cordant for over 8.”

What are some of your favourite things about your job?

“My favourite things are meeting new people and tackling challenging situations. Cordant and the client I work for has allowed me to grow personally and professionally.”

What is the hardest part of your job?

“The most difficult but very important part of my work is staying alert throughout a long shift. It is definitely a skill as you don’t know when you might be needed or when an emergency might happen.”

How could the industry improve when trying to attract women into working in Security?

“In the security industry, there is still a male dominance. It would be good to recognise more women in security and achieve equality in the workplace as women can also bring some differences in skill such as empathy, gentleness in approaching children and other women. Looking into flexible shifts would help mothers work in the security industry too”

What tips would you have for anyone starting their career in security?

“My modest advice for everyone would be to attend as many training courses as possible as education is a very important key to growing in your career. Also be kind and emphatic, because you will meet many different people and challenging situations in the security industry.”

What are your plans for the future?

“In the future, I would like to work in the police or social services to help vulnerable and abused women and children in our society.”

As a Security Shift Supervisor, Jana is responsible for coordinating a team of twelve officers at a prestigious private bank in Central London, ensuring that rotation is followed and handovers between officers are completed thoroughly. Having joined the team 8 years ago in 2012 as a Security Officer, Jana’s consistency and commitment to upholding security standards has been recognised, leading to her promotion to Security Supervisor. She was also nominated for the Outstanding Security Officer Award at the 2019 Outstanding Security Professional Awards.