Cordant Cleaning

Janitorial Supplies


As a leading professional cleaning organisation, Cordant Cleaning is able to provide a range of janitorial supplies and cleaning machinery to all our clients, at competitive rates.


Working with our equipment partners, we can provide a range of general cleaning equipment and machinery required for our staff to undertake their cleaning duties ranging from floor polishers and vacuum cleaners to ride on scrubbers and dryers.

Through our partners we are also able to provide a full equipment maintenance service to ensure the ongoing performance of all equipment with the assurance that any disruption is kept to a minimum should the equipment fail.

Cordant Cleaning is able to supply a range of janitorial products, refuse bags and cleaning agents, including our own branded chemicals.

We provide quality washroom consumables suitable for busy, cost effective solutions or high end suites, working with leading, recognised suppliers in the industry. The products we use and supply are environmentally friendly in line with our own environmental policy according to our ISO 14001 accreditation.