Guy Pakenham

Managing Director, Cordant Cleaning Services


Our ability to succeed as a team is entirely dependent upon the utilisation of everyone’s strengths in a collaborative and positive environment.



My personal pledge to:


  • Encourage all staff to take an active role in safeguarding themselves and others in the course of their duties


  • To promote an environment within the company that encourages successful working relationships


  • Generate significant margin improvement from new and existing clients by operational excellence


  • To lead by example with regard to the respect and appreciation of others


  • To ensure that the company is regarded in the market “as easy to do business with”


  • Appropriate and frequent communication with all members of the Cordant Cleaning team


  • To promote a culture of safety awareness


  • Recognise and reward staff for exceptional performance


  • Play an active and significant role in the unification and success of Cordant Services
  • Provide opportunities for personal development through both internal and external training


  • To increase customer satisfaction by adding value in tangible ways to their business


  • Set clear and achievable goals for both individuals and the business


  • Spend time with a range of operatives across the business to promote Health & Safety good practice and understanding


  • Develop strong, lasting client relationships based on mutual respect and common goals


  • To look for and invest in new and innovative cleaning techniques to aid our performance


  • To understand the challenges that face the workforce at the “coal face” and introduce innovative measures that enable them to increase their enjoyment, performance and productivity