c2c have used Cordant Cleaning for just over a year now, the contract was set up as a labour only contract, supplying staff to c2c's entire cleaning operation, Cordant Cleaning are a staff caring company that always goes beyond just supplying staff, they are constantly interested in staff welfare, the staffs working environment, our internal cleaning standards and above all, all health and safety issues, all which are paramount for us to run a clean and safe operation.

I have a good working relationship with the contract manager (Nicholas) and additional support from the team that sits behind him.

I still have a lot more I want to achieve within the cleaning department and I'm continually looking for ways to improve and set the bar even higher, Cordant Cleaning are more than just a "labour supplier" I'm sure Cordant Cleaning will continue to play a valuable part in what we achieve within the c2c cleaning department.


Tony Dersley
Cleaning operations manager c2c.

There have been major improvements on our vehicle scores at both sites thanks to you and your team.

The company has purchased 100 tins of “Harrods” biscuits as an Xmas gift from Tower to the Cordant team, can I ask that the OM & EM at each location arrange to be on site over a couple of evenings at around 20:00hrs to personally hand out the gifts and not only wish their staff a merry xmas but also thank them for the part they have played in moving the depots up the league tables.


Daniel Corbin

Operations Manager Tower Transit

Now owning 3 bus garages with over 500 buses and 1500 employees, Tower Transit provide public transport to the people of London on a daily basis. Being a relatively new company, Tower Transit has quickly become one of the leading operators in bus transportation throughout the city of London.

What were Tower Transit looking for?

We have been specialists in transport cleaning for over 30 years and know the industry inside out. Tower Transit were looking for a service provider with experience such as ours who could implement significant procedures to improve the quality of their vehicles and overall customer experience when using their transportation.

What do we do for Tower Transit?

We provide 93 members of our team to Tower Transit and we completely clean all 500+ vehicles every night which they use on a daily basis. This includes sweeping, mopping, graffiti removal, seat cleaning, window cleaning and external cleaning. We also fuel and shunt (park) all vehicles for complete organisation ready for the early morning start. Our service also extends to the garages that the vehicles and staff operate from. We provide a full premise clean to all 3 bus garages that we operate in.


Our partnership began on March the 1st 2014 and already we have reduced Tower Transit’s MTS (Mystery Traveller Survey) scores for all 3 of its garages which is quite a significant achievement. This has been achieved by analysing and identifying particular problem areas with the vehicles and acting accordingly. We also work very closely with our clients making communication one of our top priorities within a contract.

Based in Hampshire, in the South of England, Lucketts Travel is a leading coach travel specialist offering luxury holiday trips, day excursions and private hire to its tens of thousands of customers each year for leisure, business or even educational trips throughout the UK and Europe. Lucketts Travel transport their customers to some of the most exciting and interesting locations and events throughout Europe, including Museums, Shopping Trips, Air shows and more.

Being part of the Guild of British Coach Operators and the Confederation of Passenger Transport, Lucketts Travel has a commitment to improving the quality standards of coach travel within the industry. They are also accredited with the prestigious CoachMarque which they have held since 1998. This requires all vehicles to be rigorously reviewed to surpass the strictest demands.

What were Lucketts Travel looking for?

Due to all these specifications, Lucketts Travel were looking for an experienced transport cleaning supplier that could uphold their high standards and bring positive improvements to their business. We have a strong client portfolio when it comes to the Transport sector, especially in the South where Lucketts Travel are based. We are responsible for the cleaning of over 5,000 London buses each day and have worked in the transport industry for 30+ years.

What we offer

We now offer the full service to just fewer than 100 of Lucketts Travel’s vehicles which includes full vehicle cleaning, pressure washing, fuelling, shunting and much more throughout several of their sites across the south.

We operate throughout the entire week, offering turnaround cleans to all coaches throughout the day and during the evening carryout full internal cleans for all vehicles.


Our approach and the initiatives we have put in place have resulted in significant positive changes to Lucketts Travel’s operations; from customer and employee happiness to notable cost savings. We have maintained our dedication to provide a service second to none and we look forward to our continued partnership and the challenges we face in the future.