Cordant Employees win all three awards at C&R Sparkle Awards 2019

Capital & Regional, the specialist community shopping centre property investment company, hosted their annual Sparkle awards last month. Des Larkin of Cordant Cleaning won the Sparkler of the Year with two more Cordant employees awarded the two runner up positions.

All three employees have displayed their commitment to fantastic customer service and their dedication to going above and beyond.

Below is a brief description of why each one of them is a deserving recipient of the award.

C&R Award Winner - Des Larkin - Cordant Cleaning

Des has been a cleaner for 2 year. He moved into a new role cleaning the guest facilities at one of Capital & Regional’s shopping centres. On this day he was alerted to a guest asking for help.

The gentleman unfortunately had a personal hygiene accident. Without fuss Des proceeded to clean the mess up whilst ensuring the guests dignity was not compromised.

When the guest left the facilities, Des noticed the guests wife was waiting just outside. She explained that her husband was undergoing treatment for cancer.

This act of kindness is a perfect example of going above and beyond for a guest. Des’ selfless act demonstrates compassion and thoughtfulness, leaving a lasting impression on the elderly couple.

The man’s family also took the time to write to the general manager to thank Des for what he had done and sent him a beautiful box of chocolates.

The winner of C&R’s National Sparkler of the year is Des Larkin.

C&R Award Runner Up - Shiraz Khan - Cordant Security

For Shiraz’s entry a guest wrote in to commend him for his actions. The message said:

“My son has down syndrome and autism and had a temper outburst and meltdown at the mall on sunday, hitting and kicking me. I had to get him seated until he could calm down.

Shiraz came over and calmly talked to my son to help me and diverted people away from the scene as he was concerned for our privacy. He even walked us out to the taxi stand so I could get home without any further outbursts from my son.

His calm manner was amazing and my son was able to get control of his emotions so much faster because of Shiraz.

His professionalism and kind way helped us so much more than I can ever say. Our heartfelt thanks to Shiraz.”

Amazing work Shiraz.

C&R Award Runner Up - Akua Asantewaa - Cordant Cleaning

Sid was a regular guest at one of the C&R shopping centres for over 15 years. He visited everyday but unfortunately passed away this year. His nephew made a trip to the centre to find and thank Akua personally who he had talked about fondly many times.

Akua made conversation with Sid everyday. She regularly helped him with his shopping and even popped in to check on him in his local community.

Sid’s nephew wanted to thank Akua in person because of her compassion, kindness and delivering an unforgettable guest experience, demonstrating what community really stands for.

Akua has consistently demonstrated these values everyday of her 30 year service to C&R.

Well done Akua.