Cordant Registers to the Modern Slavery Helpline Business Portal

Cordant Services become the first facilities management company to register to the Modern Slavery Helpline Business Portal which will further enhance our ability to spot the signs, raise awareness and play a part in the abolishment of labour exploitation.

Membership to the Portal will add significant value to our ongoing commitment to raising awareness of labour exploitation amongst colleagues, clients and our industry at large, whilst generating much-needed funds for modern slavery charity Unseen.

Cordant has gained unparalleled experience and insight into UK-focused labour exploitation issues. As champions in the cause for unearthing and eradicating modern slavery, we consider ourselves pioneers and an influential voice in the fight to abolish all forms of exploitation.

Justine Currell, Director the Modern Slavery and Labour Exploitation Helpline says: “Having partnered with Cordant for four years we have seen their determination to raise awareness and influence change. It’s a partnership we’re genuinely proud of!

“Collaboration between Unseen and Cordant has strengthened cooperation, and generated considerable focus, attention and resource to tackling the growing issue of modern slavery. Through our combined knowledge and expertise we can continue to nurture improved compliance and demonstrate best practice throughout supply chains, workforces and customer bases”.

Jamie Reynolds, Cordant CEO said: “As a major people supplier, labour abuse and exploitation will be occurring at various points within our supply chains. Without specialist insight, it is incredibly difficult for us to have clear visibility of the issues.

“The Business Portal will give us sight of incident reports, case data, geographical mapping and other invaluable information which will strengthen our approach to tackling modern slavery. Unseen’s unparalleled experience and insight into UK-focused risks will bolster our understanding and response to labour exploitation”.

Now that the UK has officially left the EU, immigration changes are coming into force and the once legitimate employment routes for unskilled labour will soon be impossible. It's therefore likely that exploiters will use more dangerous methods of fulfilling the demand for labour.

It is no longer a case of complying or not complying!