Cordant Security

Banking and Related Professional Services



The UK financial and related professional services industry is thriving, contributing to £174 billion to the economy in 2012; 8% of GDP in the same year. It employs more than one million people, a third of which are based within the City of London alone, a key hub of global commerce and home to some of world’s leading financial organisations.

The industry is made up of organisations operating in banking, insurance, fund management, securities, other financial services, accounting services, management consultancy and legal services.

With some of the biggest risks facing organisations within this industry, including data theft, kidnap/ransom, fraud, activism and terrorism, Cordant Security provides genuine industry expertise, developing robust security provision to protect our client’s people, premises, assets and information. We implement resilience testing programmes across our contracts as standard, including scenario testing, penetration tests and mystery visitor exercises designed to build key skills and strengthen resilience across our security personnel.

Cordant Security fully supports the principles of Project Griffin, with the majority of our employees working in this industry undergoing Project Griffin training.

We also understand the need for the highest standards of customer care and professionalism, which is why our staff receive training tailored to their role and responsibility, whether on the front desk, in the control room, the post room or covering the loading bay.

Providing a range of security services including professional front-of-house, reception, static guarding, control room operation, remote monitoring and consultancy, CordantSecurity works with a number of leading organisations within this industry.