Cordant Security



At Cordant Security, we believe in open communication with our staff and our clients which allows us to optimise the services we provide. We support both our employees and our clients around the clock, with no barriers to getting in touch with us regardless of time or location.

Pivotal in the management of our contracts, our National Communications Centre is operational 24/7/365 and provides regular communication with our site based teams across the UK. As well as scheduling all our resources and monitoring our lone workers, our Communications Centre plays an integral part in incident management and intelligence updates.

We operate a Helpdesk service to provide help and assistance during working hours and management support 24 hours day. The regular site visits by our operational managers include nights and weekends to ensure we see and communicate with our site based personnel no matter what shift they work.

We operate a number of communication mechanisms to keep our staff apprised of any issues and company updates including newsletters, monthly updates, team meetings and regular one-to-one appraisals. We also operate an employee satisfaction survey and dedicated email to which our staff can openly share feedback or make recommendations on how we can improve our service and our operation, with our staff being rewarded for any suggestions we go on to implement.

We ensure the accurate flow of communication across all our contracts and implement a formal communications plan with all of our clients, insisting on monthly face-to-face meetings as a minimum. Meetings are planned much more frequently during the contract mobilisation phase to update our clients on the progress of the contract transfer and the existing staff on the TUPE process.

In addition we ensure our clients meet with our senior management team and directors on a regular basis and hold scheduled reviews on a quarterly and annual basis, to not only review our service delivery, but to provide an open forum for our clients to raise any issues they may have.