Cordant Security




The UK Defence industry, comprising both manufacturing and services, generates more than £22 billion to the economy each year.

Organisations need to be assured that their security is watertight as many operating in the industry are subject to strict controls and confidentiality. As such, they will be heavily reliant on their security supplier to protect the interests of their assets and their own high profile customer base.

Cordant Security has a strong presence within the defence sector, working with some of the biggest names in defence manufacturing. We offer a range of integrated security services to organisations in this industry from static guarding and front-of-house and reception duties to CCTV monitoring and comprehensive perimeter patrols.

We understand the sensitivity and vulnerability of organisations in this industry and recognise the need for strict access control and stringent health and safety requirements and work with our clients to tailor our services to their unique requirements.

We can also provide a range of associated services, including the enhanced vetting of security personnel, security administration, protestor management and business continuity planning.

All our security personnel receive a broad range of training to be able to deal with the challenges faced by organisations operating within the defence industry. In partnership with our clients we have developed a nationally accredited qualification for our security professionals which provides them with the understanding, knowledge and capabilities to minimise threats towards businesses operating in the defence industry.