Cordant Security



Cordant Security is an Equal Opportunities employer and is fully compliant with all employment legislation. We value the differences that a diverse workforce brings to our organisation and have adopted a Diversity Policy which incorporates Equal Opportunities, Race Relations, Disability and Gender.

We place a great emphasis on all members of our workforce adhering to our Diversity Policy and we ensure that it is reviewed on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in the Law, demographics and our business requirements. We also ensure that staff monitoring covers all activities that relate to recruitment and selection, performance management, career development, secondment, retention, training, disciplinary and grievance proceedings.

We use a variety of channels to advertise our vacancies to widen our access to experienced and qualified candidates, regardless of their gender, colour, race, nationality or ethnic or natural origin, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation or religion.

Our Diversity Policy is a fundamental part of our Company strategy and plays a key part in the Group Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.