Guy Pakenham

Managing Director, Cordant Services


I am committed to making safety our first and primary concern, thus ensuring all of our officers and staff members remain safe, focus on safety and return safely home each day.

SAFETY FIRST - ONE TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More - Safely 



My personal pledge to:


  • Ensure safety is our first thought when conducting operations and daily tasks


  • Drive the Safety culture, embedding it into the company and applauding safety by all


  • Ensure Safety training is delivered across the company by our managers and trainers


  • Set and actively manage Annual Targets, as a fundamental part of the appraisal process, in order to reduce accidents and improve safety


  • Promote active engagement and ideas from the Officers in order to improve Safety


  • Ensure the Managers and Officers maintain Assignment Instructions correctly, so they are always up to date, understood and followed by all Officers


  • Ensure the Managers keep updated the Risk Assessments and that they are understood and followed by all Officers


  • Take time to listen to others about safety feedback and prioritise safety initiatives
  • Ensure robust safety inductions are communicated before Officers commence work


  • Ensure all Officers have the tools, equipment and training to ensure we are 100% compliant in safety processes and procedures


  • Deliver monthly safety briefings at all levels of our organisation


  • Drive safety as a way of work and promote the sharing of best practice


  • Recognise and reward safety excellence within our teams


  • Ensure our clients are actively engaged with our safety culture, working with us in Partnership in order to share best practice and drive safe working standards


  • Utilise Safety data to drive Safety improvements and change across the business