Cordant Security

Loss Prevention Services



Retail Officers

Cordant Security is a leading supplier of professional security officers to the retail environment, focused on loss prevention, staff protection and delivering first class customer service. We provide permanent retail officers at leading high street and out-of-town stores and support our clients with temporary and ad hoc cover for smaller stores and pop-up locations as well as for new launches, special events and peak trading seasons.

Store Detectives

We provide fully trained and skilled store detectives to work covertly within stores to detect and prevent internal and external theft. Working proactively with our clients to identify those areas at higher risk of stock loss, our Store Detectives are skilled in the detection of refund fraud and have an impressive record of obtaining civil recoveries.

High Impact Search and Security Teams

We can provide teams of fully trained and experienced personnel to carry out searches, patrols, inspections and report on activity, focusing on high value premises and goods areas as part of an overall security solution. These teams are deployed around the country to enhance the security at key premises, particularly during peak trading seasons.

High Value Transportation Escorts

We can provide fully trained personnel and dedicated vehicles to accompany the transportation of high value goods across the country by road.

Covert Security

Working in partnership with our clients and the Police, we are able to provide covert surveillance teams to assist in the detection and prevention of fraud and shrinkage.