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Integral to the UK economy, with total sales reaching £321 billion and serving 60 million customers each week, the retail industry is huge.

There are more than 287,000 retail outlets in the UK with many of the leading retailers operating more than 2,000 stores across the country. The rise in online retailers without doubt has made the industry open for business anywhere and at anytime, however retail stores are much more accessible with late night opening and 24 hour trading now commonplace.

As the industry continues to flourish however, retail crime remains a constant force to be reckoned with, costing the industry upwards of £500m each year. And, it’s not only theft that presents an ever growing issue for retailers; in a recent survey by the BRC 80% of retailers reported a rise in fraud as having a substantial impact on their businesses as well as violence to staff.

Cordant Security has a very strong presence within the retail sector, having built up a reputation for providing skilled security officers specifically trained to work within the retail environment. Focused on loss prevention, staff protection and first class customer service, Cordant Security is the preferred supplier of manned security for stores and retail outlets for a number of key players within the market.

We have genuine expertise in retail security and work in partnership with our clients to fully understand their business and the risks they face as well as working with local police authorities and other crime prevention agencies such as Retailers Against Crime to develop effective strategies to tackle retail crime head on; protecting profits and creating safe and secure retail environments.

Leading the way in retail security and loss prevention, we offer a range of security solutions including retail security personnel and store detectives, covert security, elite teams, civil recovery, bespoke retail and loss prevention training, risk assessment profiling and consultancy.