SEGRO Plc is a leading commercial property investment and development company. When we began involvement with SEGRO, they were looking for an experienced service provider who could offer specialised services to fit and protect each individual site and its Customers. Having developed a relationship lasting more than 10 years SEGRO knew they could rely on us to deliver everything and more than what they required.

Significant Positive Contributions


We have developed a risk profile for each property and tailored the security provision and response units for each individual site based on an assigned risk profile of high, medium or low. This has lead to extremely rapid response times reducing the risk of any incident that occurs on site.

In addition we gather intelligence across the site which we report to SEGRO as a proactive measure which prevents a large number of incidents from occurring in the first place. This mentality has managed to save SEGRO significant cost throughout its sites. Our mobile team alone has saved an estimated £300k in the last 6 months by preventing incidents from escalating further and causing any additional damage.

We have used the reports and risk profiles to develop scenario testing aimed at assessing each officer’s knowledge of site specific assignment instructions and procedures. Each test relates to a specific identified threat and is used to assess the readiness of the security and mobile teams to respond to the incident. This process has lead to several improvements to our strategy for protecting the SEGRO sites and their tenants.

We now run more than 85% of the security contract nationally.