Cordant Security

Systems Consultancy


Cordant Security offers a consultancy service to provide the best electronic systems available to protect a business’s people, property and assets.



Our team of experts draw on their wealth of experience and knowledge of the hi-tech industry in recommending the most cost effective and appropriate systems in line with strict client budgets and requirements.

We can provide full audits of existing systems, reporting on the MTBF (meantime before failure) helping to identify any ageing systems that could become redundant, reducing the overall levels of site security and representing increased ongoing costs to a business through increased call outs and engineer visits.

Our business structure allows us to evaluate the correct balance between technology and security guarding in line with risk and threat parameters. Our consultancy service can determine possible cost savings associated with either the reduction in manpower through increase in technology, or enhanced training for security officers in either work practices or use of technology in order to maximise efficiency and performance.