Cordant Specialist Services

Bio Hazard Cleaning


Whether a property is used for domestic or business purposes, it must be kept fully protected from contamination and damage from bio hazards.


Any area contaminated with bio hazards including bodily fluids such as blood, vomit and urine, needles , chemicals and sewage can cause potentially dangerous situations which require a safe, secure and discrete approach to cleaning, in order to reduce and avoid any risks of infection.

Our specialist teams are fully equipped and trained deal with these difficult to handle situations.

Our bio hazard cleaning services include:


  • Needle Sweeps
  • Property Clearances and Deep Cleans
  • Bird Dropping Removal


Working with Cordant Specialist Services provides complete peace of mind. Our fully trained specialist teams will ensure that your premises are completely decontaminated and clear from anything that could cause harm to human health. We will also ensure that any loss of revenue is kept to a minimum and our client’s operation is back to normal as quickly as possible.