Cordant Specialist Services

Critical Environmental Cleaning


We understand critical infrastructure requires high level, sector specific knowledge in order to protect the integrity of the environment and to achieve the most appropriate levels of cleanliness and hygiene.


Our primary objective when carrying out critical environment cleaning is the management of contaminants. The impact of contaminants on sensitive electronic equipment is well known, but the most harmful contaminants are often overlooked because they are so small. Most particles are not visible to the naked eye, yet these are most likely to migrate to areas where they can do damage.

Working in line with ISO 14644-1, the standard for cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, and fully conversant with all cross contamination protocols, Cordant Specialist Services operates in:


Data Centres

IT Facilities

Pharmaceutical Production

Hi-tech Manufacturing

Data Centre cleaning is one of our core competencies and we draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge providing specialist cleaning services to data centres and IT facilities including deep cleaning, computer room and server room cleaning, decontamination, air particle testing and environmental testing.

In a world of technology, data centres ultimately allow a business to operate; when a server or piece of IT equipment breaks down, it can have a hugely negative impact on a business, interrupting their service , wasting time and losing money. Maintaining a programme of deep cleaning with a specialist organisation will reduce the risk of equipment breaking down due to poor hygiene and improper environments.

All our specialist staff are fully trained , equipped and security cleared to work in critical and sensitive environments and our services are available 24/7/365.