Brendan Musgrove

Managing Director, Cordant Specialist Services


I am committed to facilitating a highly energetic team where openness and creativity are core to our success. Through this approach we will both deliver value to our customers and profit to the Group.



My personal pledge to:


  • Facilitate a high energy team which constantly challenges the status quo


  • Create an environment where experimentation and creativity are encouraged without fear of failure


  • Be completely honest and open in my communications


  • Facilitate a business where Candour is core. No areas will be ‘off limits’ in terms of challenge from the team


  • Ensure the team operate in a safe and productive environment


  • Invest in training ,equipment and technologies such that our operation is the best it can be in terms of service delivery


  • Help the team constantly drive efficiencies such that we can deliver market leading margins to the group
  • Create a working environment which is one people enjoy working in


  • Facilitate a business where collaboration is present in it purest sense, with all working for a common goal without personal ego or agenda


  • Work with all to ensure they reach their career goals through a genuine commitment to personal development


  • Ensure we succeed in our business goals through drive, determination and by out-witting the competition in delivering on our customers’ needs


  • Reward all those involved in the success of the business


  • Support the team in whatever way I can