Cordant Specialist Services

Our Approach


At Cordant Specialist Services, we are committed to identifying ways in which we can continuously improve the efficiency and quality of specialist cleaning services provided at our clients’ premises. We continuously review and evaluate all aspects of our service delivery process to ensure we are offering the best methods and providing the highest standards of clinical cleanliness.


We aim to improve the standards over the life of our contracts by strengthening our relationships with leading industry suppliers and making use of the latest technology for the equipment and materials we use. We maintain strong relationships with leading manufacturers and our extensive knowledge of the specialist cleaning industry enables us to select the most appropriate mix of materials and equipment best suited to our clients’ specific needs.

In addition we are committed to providing the highest level of training to all our employees to maintain a highly motivated and professionally skilled workforce. Focused on continuous learning and development, all our specialist teams are subject to ongoing training to ensure they are as knowledgeable and equipped to carry out the highest standards of service, operating within strict safety parameters at all times.

We also provide high levels of management support and guidance to ensure their safety, welfare and ongoing development, carrying out regular quality and compliance inspections and competency assessments across our operation.