Cordant Specialist Services

Specialist Deep Cleaning


We can provide deep cleaning to kitchens and industrial premises to increase the levels of hygiene and ensure health and safety at all times.


There is strict legislation covering all commercial food and catering premises and our specialist teams carry out a range of services to maintain compliance and ensure the highest standards of hygiene for our clients.

Regular deep cleaning is integral to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and safety within all kitchen and commercial catering environments and should be carried out as best practice. Pieces of food can become stuck in in accessible areas and grease builds up on and around surfaces, floors and equipment that can only be removed using specialist equipment operated by fully qualified specialist personnel.

We provide equipment deep cleans and ventilation cleaning for all kitchen environments that removes all traces of food and grease from where bacteria can grow and cause harm. We can clean all work surfaces, equipment, ventilation systems, refrigeration units, sinks and dishwashers as well as all walls, ceilings and floors to ensure hygiene standards are adhered to and maintain all areas and equipment are in a good working order. Our deep cleans will also reduce fire risks and other issues caused by unhygienic and unsafe kitchen environments such as pest infestations.

Our specialist deep cleaning services will ensure safety and hygiene standards are maintained for our clients working in large scale industrial premises, warehouses, manufacturing plants and retail stores.

Not only it is important to maintain brand image and reputation, the cleanliness of any type of building or industrial premises is fundamental to health and safety.

We are specialists in cleaning industrial ventilation systems, providing decontamination of vents in order to preserve safe air quality for all building users. Maintaining a schedule of regular deep cleaning to your ventilation system will also reduce the risk of fire. Our industrial deep cleaning services include:


  • Manufacturing plant cleaning
  • Waste storage area cleaning
  • Compactor cleaning
  • Industrial jet washing
  • Surface cleaning and floor treatment