Jamie Reynolds

Managing Director, Cordant Technical Services


I am committed to make safety our first thought thus ensuring all of our colleagues get home safe each day. My passion is creating winning teams that are customer focused and who always challenge the status quo.



My personal pledge to:


  • Ensure safety is first on every management agenda


  • All management to be qualified to practice safety - IOSH Directing Safety and Influencing Behaviours


  • To ensure robust safety inductions are carried before our colleagues commence work


  • Ensure all colleagues have the tools, equipment and training to ensure we are 100% compliant in safety processes and procedures


  • To ensure our customer’s needs are at the very forefront of our focus


  • To ensure that our business understands the profit margins required and to ensure that performance is driven to exceed our expectations


  • Ensure robust relationships are formed with our customers and throughout the Cordant Group
  • To create a culture of playing to win


  • Develop the very best sales processes and ensure all parties contribute to the design of winning solutions


  • All colleagues to embrace technology to drive continuous improvements


  • To create an environment that embraces fresh ideas


  • To reward and recognise the achievements of our team members


  • Promote collaboration so that all of our colleagues have a voice to change our business for the better


  • To ensure our colleagues find a work life balance by focusing on the business priorities