International Women’s Day

It is a fair assessment to say that the Security Industry is a male dominated industry. According to Women’s Security Society only around 10% of the security workforce are made up of women but more and more are joining each year. For international women’s day we caught up with Jana Webrova, one of our Security Supervisors to discuss her experience of the security industry.

How long have you worked in the security industry?

“I have been working in the security industry for about eleven years and I’ve been with Cordant for over 8.”

What are some of your favourite things about your job?

“My favourite things are meeting new people and tackling challenging situations. Cordant and the client I work for has allowed me to grow personally and professionally.”

What is the hardest part of your job?

“The most difficult but very important part of my work is staying alert throughout a long shift. It is definitely a skill as you don’t know when you might be needed or when an emergency might happen.”

How could the industry improve when trying to attract women into working in Security?

“In the security industry, there is still a male dominance. It would be good to recognise more women in security and achieve equality in the workplace as women can also bring some differences in skill such as empathy, gentleness in approaching children and other women. Looking into flexible shifts would help mothers work in the security industry too”

What tips would you have for anyone starting their career in security?

“My modest advice for everyone would be to attend as many training courses as possible as education is a very important key to growing in your career. Also be kind and emphatic, because you will meet many different people and challenging situations in the security industry.”

What are your plans for the future?

“In the future, I would like to work in the police or social services to help vulnerable and abused women and children in our society.”

As a Security Shift Supervisor, Jana is responsible for coordinating a team of twelve officers at a prestigious private bank in Central London, ensuring that rotation is followed and handovers between officers are completed thoroughly. Having joined the team 8 years ago in 2012 as a Security Officer, Jana’s consistency and commitment to upholding security standards has been recognised, leading to her promotion to Security Supervisor. She was also nominated for the Outstanding Security Officer Award at the 2019 Outstanding Security Professional Awards.