Job Purpose: Ensuring vehicles that return to the depot are fuelled, cleaned, and parked ready for the next operating service.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 1630 – 0030 hours/60 minutes unpaid break. Sunday 1600 – 0000 hours/60 minutes unpaid break. (35 hours per week).

Description of Duties
Shunting on to pumps: This task involves looking after the run in area from the entrance gate to the fuel bay. Vehicles awaiting fuelling should be parked in orderly line approaching the fuel pump area. Usually the running/defect cards are left in the cab. It is important to make sure they are checked and handed in. Whilst sweeping the interior, you notice the floor is sticky through spilt fluids then the area should be mopped.

Fuelling: Once the vehicle is at the fuel pumps enter the fleet no on the keypad and code then fill with the nozzle or fastfill device Whilst being fuelled you can check adblue and oil levels ensuring any filler caps are replaced correctly. Any fuel spill stains on the vehicle body side should be soaped off with detergent before the next stage.

Parking: Checking that all windows and doors are closed, you will collect the vehicle from the fuel bay ensuring it has no defect, drive through the wash and park the vehicle in the designated area for its next duty. If you find that the vehicle has a defect slip present in the holder you must hand this in to the running shift and leave the vehicle with a defect board in the area outside the workshop. Before leaving the vehicle ensure that the main master switch is off and that all windows and doors are closed. Vehicles should be parked in such a way that you can safely walk around it, so don’t park too close to adjacent vehicles.

Mopping: Armed with a decent mop and a bucket of detergent cover the area with detergent and allow it to soak into the dirt. It is best if you then start the same procedure on the next vehicle as this will give more time for the dirt to lift from the floor. After the detergent has had time to work, mop the area with clean water and attempt to dry the floor leaving it to dry once the area is completed.