Balancing Act - Efficiency and Security


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Balancing Act - Efficiency and Security

Time is money.  Especially in the warehouse and distribution Industry. With instant access to information, communication and now goods with the launch of same day delivery services the distribution industry has never been so busy with 1.89 billion tonnes of goods lifted in 2016. A record high since records began in 1990.

As a provider of security services to the industry it's important that we keep up with this demand whilst ensuring employees, goods and properties are secured at all times. The flow of movement is vital.

So how do we do it? 


Intelligence is key to recognising threats. Due to the industry's inherent vastness it's impossible for our officers to be everywhere at once so it's paramount that they are deployed in the right places at the right times.

Keeping dynamic records off all evidence found allows us to define hot spots where goods are being stolen. Combine this with staff movement, storage location of stolen goods and time the evidence was found creates an in depth intelligence report whilst creating minimal impact to the business function.



Like most things the warehouse and distribution industry goes through a cycle. Peaks and troughs throughout the year means security must be increased and decreased accordingly. Our ability to provide fully trained officers and not outsourcing during peak season has a significant positive impact on the businesses we work with.



Across all sectors in security training is essential in ensuring officers can effectively carry out their duties. We provide training specific to the operation that our officers will be working on tailoring their abilities to meet the site requirements.



Working alongside clients is essential. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients’ business working together to regularly review procedures and practices to benefit their business anyway we can.

The combination of these attributes creates an efficient and effective security solution that combats theft, secures properties and most importantly does not hinder but helps the client when it comes to focusing on their primary function.