Cordant Cleaning Candour Results


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The Cordant Candour Survey was completed at the end of 2017, successfully gathering the views of circa 1,000 front line and managerial staff.

We also use this survey to show and celebrate what we’re doing right and develop improvement plans around the feedback that indicates areas of concern to the team. The results of this years survey are overwhelmingly positive. We’ve taken great strides as a business which is reflected in our employee’s scores and comments.

Here are some great highlights below:

82.4% of our employees are motivated to do more to get the job done and exceed customer expectations.

84.9% say poor performance is not accepted in their teams.

80.2% believe the business is committed to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

One particular statistic that really stood out is that 88.1% of our employees believe that our business takes Health and Safety very seriously. Something that we continue to put as our highest priority in everything we do.