Cordant Group CEO Proud of Social Enterprise Progress


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Six months on from the announcement that the Cordant Group will become the UK’s largest social enterprise our CEO, Chris Kenneally, has praised the attitude and commitment of his employees as the group continues to transform.

In the video Chris discusses “It has been a challenging six months as we have 11 different businesses and we are building a programme that will allow each employee, whether they are full-time or otherwise, to make a personal as well as company-wide contribution. Our group covers a wide range of industry sectors and types of employment – and that means the different businesses in our group are all at different stages of their evolution. However, I recognise just how hard everyone works throughout the group and I am proud of our progress to date.”

“We set ourselves an ambitious target to make a meaningful difference across three distinct areas of life: education, the workplace and healthcare. We want to deliver genuine, measurable social impact and we want to deliver it over the long-term, that is why our strategy is based on a five-year programme.”

In the six months that the group has been transforming, Cordant Services has made strides in the following key areas:

People Development

We have embraced apprenticeships to attract talent, upskill and invest in future business leaders. To date, over 200 employees have commenced career development.

Employee Portal

We are launching a new employee portal to provide electronic payslips and instant messaging to improve communication with our employees.

Retain, Retrain, Redeploy

We are working closely with PMP to offer temporary staff permanent jobs within Cordant Services so they do not return to unemployment after peak.

The Social Enterprise initiative must run through all of our activities as a group. Chris says “Our foundation as a Social Enterprise must be structurally sound and embedded with care and consideration. Our vision and mission must stand up to intense scrutiny, which is why we must be conscientious. We want to make a lasting and meaningful difference in all our endeavours.”