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At Cordant, we are passionate about safety and are committed to fostering a continuous culture of health and safety across our operation and amongst our people. 

We insist on the highest standards of health and safety at all times, and work in line with a number of health & safety accreditations to which we subscribe. Our policies and procedures have been designed in line with our health and safety accreditations to ensure continued compliance and best practice at all times and we are proud of our ongoing safety record. 

This week we have created an internal website with a variety of health & safety videos and interactive PDFs which are released on a daily basis across the whole business to raise awareness on particular topics that affect our employees each day.

The topics range form Environmental Awareness, Fire Safety and Winter Working to ensure our employees are prepared for any situation they face not only in work but in their everyday lives.

Whilst we conduct health and safety training on a continuous basis across our organisation , this health & safety information portal has been created as a means to promote health & safety awareness and best practice across all Cordant Group companies.