Cordant Officers Prevent Fatal Floods


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Cordant Officers Prevent Fatal Floods

In late January 2017 a potentially harmful flood broke out within one of our client’s manufacturing facilities. The flood had already spread across several operational areas but Cordant Security Officers Marc Duberley and Mark Brookes were on hand to deal with the situation.

It had been discovered that a ruptured valve had caused the flood that was providing water to the production line. Both officers followed their training and instinct allowing them to act rapidly and in accordance with procedure.

After consulting between themselves and having assessed the health and safety implications to ensure it was safe to do so, they immersed themselves in the water to stop the water flow. Their actions prevented any further damage to the site and negated any impact the flood had on the business.

During the course of the incident the officers communicated with the client and their respective teams allowing the client to evoke their continuity plan as soon as possible. The officers’ actions meant that the incident could be dealt with with limited resources and cost implications.

"The Officers responded very positively, their communications skills throughout the initial phase and following phases was professional, concise and to the point, with all involved stakeholders having a full understanding of what had occurred. Both Officers had a professional calmness about themselves, which clearly enabled them to deal with and communicate this incident in a manner befitting of their professionalism.

Both Officers should be highly commended for their actions.

It is clear amongst all Cordant Officers that the Team are well informed, they are well trained and clearly educated on the site requirements. When congratulating these individuals, please do not forget to congratulate the whole Team for their performances throughout 2016.

I look forward to operating with the Team & Cordant as a whole in 2017.”

Client Security & Investigations Manager