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Cordant Tracks

In early 2016 Cordant Security launched the productivity app Cordant Tracks. Cordant Tracks is our mobile device based system which observes our employees work in progress, utilisation and productivity by monitoring their location and movement.

The app has numerous benefits such as allowing us to dynamically plan patrols and how often they occur enabling our employees to work more efficiently throughout each specific site.

The system allows us to respond to reactive needs even quicker than before. We can allocate specific tasks to employees in closest proximity to each request to dynamically manage service delivery.

Tasks can be programmed to a specific checkpoint which displays a notification on the device providing specific task instructions each time the point is visited.

Patrols can also be tracked in real time along with the full history of each patrol being saved online. This can be essential when an incident occurs on site. We can see how our officers react to these situations allowing us to give accurate reports back to our clients.

Our officers also have the capability to upload photos, text and record audio either to gather evidence or report incidents.

Cordant Tracks provides extra protection to our officers and clients. Additional features like the panic alarm, idle detector and a physical impact detector highlighting issues the officer may have.

An alert will then be sent to our central control room or directly to designated members of the management team.

The data that we can gather from Cordant tracks is invaluable. The data allows to analyse and manage the performance of an estate's security needs leading to an enhanced security solution for our clients.

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