Cordant Security Excellence Awards 2018


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Cordant Security Excellence Awards 2018

Cordant Security Excellence Awards - 2018

It’s only one more day until the 2019 Cordant Security Excellence Awards. Let's take a look at last year’s winners and what their colleagues had to say about the work they do.

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Winner of Corporate Officer of the Year 2018 was Rizwan Janjua.

"Rizwan has proven to be an extremely effective and efficient member of the team who leads by example and will always go the extra mile to ensure that customer’s needs and expectations are met and also those of the Organisation.”

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Winner of Warehouse & Distribution Officer of 2018 was Chris Jones-Barnes.

"Chris constantly goes above and beyond his job role, over the peak period he covered officer hours outside of his usual hours and worked tirelessly to assist in covering short notice extra cover. Chris has been a dedicated Officer/Supervisor and Manager for over 10 years and is an asset to the team."

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Winner of Corporate and W&D Operations Manager of 2018 was Amin Choudhry

"During his time as an Ops Manager Amin has made a measurable impact in terms of his commitment, enthusiasm and drive to succeed in whatever challenge he encounters. On numerous occasions he has been asked to take responsibility for problematic sites in which in a short space of time has turned around and handed back in a positive position."

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Winner of Retail Operations Manager of the Year 2018 was Chris Smith.

"Chris has taken on an extremely hard area with very low recruitment, bad communication, poor officer retention and complete low morale.  Against this background he decided his immediate priority was recruitment. He set about this with a vengeance delivering a KPI of 98.5%. He recently delivered 100% which is outstanding in the retail world.

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Winner of Support Services Colleague 2018 was Rupy Kumar.

"Rupy has consistently provided fantastic support to the Operations team and NCC. Her 'can do 'attitude and willingness to provide various information sometimes at short notice is invaluable and deserves recognition. She single handedly deals with numerous aspects of the business involving all departments. Rupy is so pleasant and helpful all the time and will do all she can to support us. She is an absolute pleasure to work with"

Winner of Innovation Award 2018 was Andy Walker.

“Andy has implemented and is continuing to develop a range of apps using Google systems to further enhance what our teams can accomplish. The apps allows our Ops Managers to more easily record visits and discussions with Officers, allowing for greater visibility and management. This has benefited the whole of the Security operation."

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Winner of Outstanding Customer Service Award 2018 was Mike Roberts.

"During my time working with Mike he has consistently delivered an exceptional level of customer service to the client and visitors. He has a full understanding of all aspects of the site and works to his own ethos where he believes “The customers come first” and it's all about “The customer experience”. Mike regularly receives positive feedback from the client and visitors. To summarise, Mike deserves this award as I personally believe Mike is a great asset to Cordant and the client, but more importantly a great asset to himself and his family."

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