Cordant Services Launch The Sales Academy


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Last Thursday (30th April) Cordant Services Launched the Sales Academy with an initial intake of 14 Sales Cadets. These Cadets had strong competition throughout the process with a total of 1057 applications being received for the role. These 14 lucky individuals became part of the Cordant Services team through a challenging process but have now finally been inducted into Cordant Services at Northampton’s Sedgebrook Hall.

Seven of the Cadets were recruited almost 6 months ago and have successfully worked through a trial period showing their determination and tenacity to win business. Their efforts have shown which areas the new Cadets will most likely need additional support and others which they should be allowed more freedom.

The purpose of the Sales Academy is to create value through the sales team, allowing for deeper and stronger connections with clients and creating a different approach to sales which Cordant Services will be able to mould from day one.

The seven new Cadets have been ‘buddied up’ with the existing, more experienced Cadets and have also been given a mentor from senior management who they can look to for support and guidance along the way. This system allows the Cadets to gain vast amounts of knowledge from very experienced and extremely qualified senior members of Cordant Services.

The Cadets will all follow a two year programme with several workshops providing them with the knowledge they need to succeed with the ultimate goal of creating a world class sales team for Cordant Services.