Does Low Unemployment Mean Hard Places to Fill in Security?


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Unemployment rate in the UK has remained steady at 4.3%, it’s lowest since 1975 and down from 4.8% a year earlier.

For employers this could mean difficulty when trying to fill positions especially when those positions are located all over the UK.

It is important for security businesses, like ourselves, to have robust pre-employment processes in place to ensure that all our available positions are filled.

At Cordant Security the whole pre-employment process is handled in its entirety by our team located in a single location. That includes Recruitment, Security Screening, SIA Licensing and Uniform distribution.

This setup comes with clear benefits to our clients:

  • It provides a Central point of contact for our clients
  • Higher Efficiency levels through facilitating communication
  • Moveable resources to ensure swift completion of vetting and licensing
  • Easy transfer of information and instant access to all stages of Pre - Employment

By centralising this vital function clients have seen exceptional delivery of contracted and reactive hours.

Within the Cordant Group are many recruitment businesses that specialise in industries from Engineering to Warehouse work. Cordant Security has the unique opportunity to gather and share best practice with other recruitment teams across the group