Dynamic Needs Analysis


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Dynamic Needs Analysis

Cordant Cleaning has consistently been developing new processes and techniques to clean certain environments for the past few years.

Dynamic Needs Analysis is our new initiative which has enabled our workforce to perform more efficiently across areas with peak cleaning demands, matching our resources to service demands.

It works in a four step process:

  1. We first implement our baseline service requirements. This acts as our benchmark for the service changes which will implemented in the future.

  2. We then profile and analyse each section of a property by tracking footfall in high demand areas such as monitoring counters into washrooms and entrances into buildings.

  3. Service is then adjusted and monitored to match patterns in demand.

  4. We can then continue to tweak and modify our cleaning service to ensure we are always up to date with the latest data available, continuing to enhance our cleaning provision across an estate.

Dynamic Needs Analysis has been evidenced to eliminate around 17% of unproductive cleaning in targeted locations. We can then combine this with our other models such as LEAN Flow Cleaning and Cordant Team Cleaning to really enhance our service provision.

To find out more about our cleaning services click here: http://www.cordantservices.com/cordant-cleaning.