Fire Safety - Dubai Hotel Fire


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The huge fire which engulfed part of a luxury hotel in Dubai, near to the Burj Khalifa, has been brought under control with no fatalities. Several individuals reported minor injuries and one person had a heart but managed to survive.

Many people that evacuated the building reported that they did not hear a fire alarm which is extremely concerning for such a prestigious building holding thousands of people.

Often skyscrapers rely on cutting edge fire systems which include sprinklers and fire retardants as fire fighters struggle to reach flames at such altitudes.  The staff have been commended by many of the guests for their quick response and professional manner in their actions at such a tense time.

It’s important to regularly check fire systems, regular once a week tests ensure that fire detection systems are working correctly and are paramount to ensure the safety of all individuals on sight.

Cordant provide fire safety systems for multiple blue chip clients throughout the country. For more information contact our technologies branch, part of Cordant Security.