Five reasons why veterans make excellent employees


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Military veterans have fought hard to protect our country, freedom and rights, but they often tackle more challenges when they return home such as unemployment. 
However, employers must bear in mind that veterans make excellent employees because they have received first class training and are extremely experienced in picking up new technical skills.  It is often the case that they display an accelerated learning capability, which minimises the expense of training. 

1 Leadership Skills
Veterans develop exceptional leadership skills by naturally influencing people around them with motivation and direction, as well as providing strong purpose to accomplish tasks – thus strong purpose gives subordinates the reason to act in order to achieve a desired outcome. Good leadership skills also involve giving clear instructions; providing clear instructions means communicating how to accomplish a project: prioritising tasks and assigning responsibility for completion as well as maintaining high standards.

2 Expertise
The British Forces offer unparalleled training in technique and people skills that transcend function and geography, which means veterans enter the civilian workforce as credentialed professionals and proven peak performers.

3 Character
Military personnel develop an excellent “can do attitude” as well as a relentless work ethic because of their physical and mental training and effortlessly project self-confidence to succeed by demonstrating composure and outward calm through complete control over emotion.

4 Sense of Duty and Pride
Veterans establish values and total commitment to a task in hand, take pride and dignity in their work and hold themselves accountable, as well as their team, for results.  Army values include: loyalty, duty, respect, honour, integrity and personal courage.

5 Global Perspective & Excellent Problem Solvers
Military personnel are culturally conversant and represent a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives; also because of their training veterans are excellent problem solvers and will naturally analyse a problem by considering the following:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Gather information
  3. Develop criteria
  4. Generate possible solutions
  5. Analyse possible solutions
  6. Compare possible solutions
  7. Make and implement the decision