Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service, have published their latest Fraudscape report outlining and highlighting the effects of fraud throughout the country today and how they compare to past figures.

Incidents of frauds increased by 25% last year, there were 276,993 frauds recorded in 2014 compared to 221,075 in 2013. The largest contributor continues to be identify theft, amounting to 41% of all recorded frauds in the UK.

Key statistics regarding identity fraud in 2014:


2014 saw a 5% increase in identity fraud from 2013 - 113,839 total cases reported

The average age of identity fraud victims is 46. Also men were 1.7 times more likely to be victims of identity fraud.

All though young adults are considered ‘tech savvy’ they are increasingly becoming a target for identity fraud. The number of identity fraud victims aged between 21 and 30 has increased by 51.7% since 2011, up from 9,789 cases to 14,850.

Older age groups are also at increased risk. The number of recorded identity fraud cases has risen 15% for people aged over 55. 22,004 reports in 2013 has risen to 25,346 in 2014.

Combating fraud is not an easy task but the more people are educated about the possible dangers the harder time fraudsters will have accessing people’s data and information. Awareness about fraud should be at the top of the UK’s agenda if this severe issue is going to be tackled sooner rather than later.