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Getting into the spirit of things

In follow up to our article 'Affordable Houses With Cordant Projects' Cordant Projects have gone above and beyond in support of the renovation process of twelve homes in Harpurhey.

In collaboration with Taylor Fay Homes, the team have carried out and supported community work in the area in order to improve and promote the project.

Since the first day work started on the twelve houses, Cordant implemented an open door policy, allowing neighbours to drop in and talk to the team if they had any questions or were interested to find out more. The Projects team were also involved in 'Makers Day in Harpurhey' and the 'Community Clean-Up', which took place on the 5th November 2016 and the 14th January 2017. To see more information on these events, follow the link:

Not only did Cordant support the neighbourhood, they also worked closely with Manchester College, offering support in relation to apprenticeship schemes, peer monitoring, student development sponsorship.

Although the renovation process is nearly finished, Cordant plan to continue supporting Taylor Fay Homes and their community projects. Plans include speaking at 'Aspirations Week' in local secondary schools as well as working with a local non-profit coaching and education partner to create a bespoke course linking sport and industry in Harpurhey.