Becoming an environmentally friendly business may seem complicated, however by following out small tasks on a daily basis, you can start to reduce your affect on the environment.

Everything from the way that products are displayed and advertised, how waste is recycled, whether or not changes can be made to the basic operations of a business will all work towards making them more environmentally responsible.

We have gathered some simple tips you can incorporate into your business operations TODAY:

  • Turn off equipment when it’s not being used: This can reduce the energy used by 25% and turning off the computers at the end of the day can save an additional 50%

  • Reduce fax-related paper waste

  • Produce double-sided documents whenever possible

  • Do not leave taps dripping: One drop per second wastes 10,000 litres per year

  • Continually look to integrate ‘greener’ products into your operations

  • Reuse and recycle: Before you recycle, are you able to reuse your office materials first?

  • Go digital: Don’t print out unnecessary documents if your workforce can access them via a laptop/computer/mobile device

  • Use natural light when possible