Inferno Averted By Cordant Officers


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Inferno Averted By Cordant Officers

A blaze broke out inside one of the lorry cabs at a client site in February 2017. Had it not been for our alert security team the whole manufacturing plant could have gone up in flames.

Earlier that evening Cordant Security officer, Mohammed Arfan buzzed the delivery truck through and continued to monitor its entrance to the site via the CCTV systems in place. As the lorry parked up he noticed the driver inspecting the front of his vehicle appearing to have detected the smell of smoke/burning.

As soon as the smoke could be seen via security cameras Mohammed immediately called emergency services to the scene.

Three fire engines attended the site and fought back the flames quickly extinguishing the fire and limiting the damage caused to the property.

Cordant Security officer, Maz Hussain continued to comfort the driver who had lost many of his belongings in the blaze until an ambulance arrived to ensure the driver had not been affected by smoke inhalation.

“The vigilance and quick thinking of Mo ensured the local fire services attended promptly, allowing the fire to be controlled before it spread further.
The high levels of professionalism, skill and duty of care delivered by both Mo and Maz ensured the site teams were evacuated safely, site management were informed immediately, co-ordination of the emergency services and site team ran smoothly, the HGV drivers health was assessed promptly and zero damage  to the factory or the local environment was sustained. Maz even gave up his own food and drink to the driver without a second thought!”

Client HR Manager