Joanne Smith shares her experience of World FM Day


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Joanne Smith shares her experience of World FM Day

What is your job?

Bid Manager


How long have you worked in the FM industry?

 6 months


How long have you worked at Cordant?

6 months


Where did you spend your time for World FM Day?

At Sheffield City Council's Moorfoot Building


What sort of tasks did you complete?

During my time working with Sheffield City Council, I got stuck in with the jobs that a cleaner would carry out on a daily basis. This included emptying bins, cleaning the office and building spaces whilst making sure all eleven floors looked representable.


What was the hardest part of your experience?

With it being a hot day, I found it hard completing physically demanding tasks in the intense heat.


What did you learn?

I learnt that being a cleaner is not quite as straightforward as one may think as there are many challenges they face that I hadn’t thought about before spending the day with the council. I also learnt how important it was for the cleaners to complete their tasks exactly to specification within the their contract.


What surprised you?

I was surprised to see how physically demanding the role was, especially when it comes up to summer with heightened temperatures.


What was most enjoyable?

I enjoyed meeting and working alongside the cleaners whilst on site, understanding the complexities of the role and the problems they face each day.


Would you do it again if given the chance?

Absolutely, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the council and the cleaners who work in the building. It was a valuable experience to be involved with daily cleaning tasks that our employees face.