Keeping your head clear - the benefits of HVAC


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It is estimated that health related absence costs the economy almost £29 billion a year.

In 2014/15, 23.3 million days were lost due to work related illness, and an average of 15 sick days were taken per person in the UK (

In busy working environments such as offices, and high footfall units such as shopping centres or retail outlets germs travel fast, and indoor air isn’t always as clean as you think.

Poor air quality is known to induce headaches, affect sufferers of asthma or allergies, spread coughs and colds… and let’s not mention flu season - but there is a simple solution.

A HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system filters circulating air blocking pollutants such as mold spores, dust mites, bacteria and viruses, ensuring the environment is kept clean and healthy.

It is also important to keep the temperature of your environment controlled, and it is an employer's duty to ensure the place of work is comfortable for staff. HVAC systems ensure the perfect temperature is achieved while at the same time keeping energy costs low.

Your HVAC unit should also be kept well maintained. Poor maintenance can contribute to the contaminants in the air so it is essential that you arrange regular services and deep cleans of units.