Laura Mills takes part in World FM Day


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Laura Mills takes part in World FM Day

What is your job title?

Bid Manager


How many years have you worked in the FM industry?

Eight years


How many years have you worked at Cordant?

Two and a half years


Where did you spend your time on World FM Day?

At a major retail outlet's Head Office and Distribution Centre in Knowsley and a Store in Wavertree


What sort of tasks did you complete?

In the Head office I spent time in the gatehouse and observed the officer challenge and sign in visitors and contractors. I was shown the CCTV across the site and observed vehicle searches and record activity.

I then moved across to the distribution centre where I spent time in both gate houses and watched our officers sign lorries in and out of the site and conduct searches. I conducted patrols of both sites with the officers who talked me through what to look out for on patrol and what areas of the site were vulnerable.

I also look at the various reports that are sent to the client on a weekly basis including the KPI report, stock loss tracker, random searches log and training matrix.

Finally I travelled over to their store in Wavertree and spent time with the officer at the front of the store and during patrols.


What was the hardest part of your experience?

Not being able to actually do the tasks myself - I could only watch and ask questions


What did you learn?

Every empty packet from stolen product is recorded and used to populate a heat map so that the security manager can change and adapt patrol routes to focus on vulnerable areas to deter thieves.

Customer service and engagement is a bigger part of the retail officer's role than I expected - he has customers constantly asking questions and performs tasks that I hadn't really thought about before such as re-stocking baskets and trolleys, tagging clothes, price checks at the till and removing tags that have set off the alarms because they haven't been removed at the till.


What surprised you?

The amount of stock that is stolen at the Distribution Centre - even really low value items. Boxer shorts are the most frequently stolen item!

Also our officers can't challenge thieves until they have stepped out of the store even though they have stolen product on them. Police also don't get involved unless the value is over £100. People have tried taking trolley's filled with stolen clothes so our guard has had to spend most of his time at the front of the store.


What was most enjoyable?

Watching the First Impressions Count model in action at all sites and learning about how it is tailored to each site. All of the officers were friendly and helpful and it's nice to see how passionate they are about their role and how they go the extra mile to help customers and visitors to the sites.


Would you do it again if given the chance?

Yes 100% - it is easier to write about solutions once you have experienced them and had chance to see the officers in action.