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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, is one of the most influential figures in the world. With this prestigious title high security is expected to keep such a figure as safe as possible when attending public events throughout the country. In October 2014 a jogger managed to bypass all of the PM’s security and make physical contact before he was restrained.

In today’s political climate, with the rise of ISIS and the recent incidents in Paris it should be taken for granted that the Prime Minister is relatively secure.

One of our security specialists analysed the situation and explained what went wrong which compromised the safety of the Prime Minister:


Outer Perimeter

For such a high profile individual attending a public event a perimeter of security officers/police officers should always be in place to ensure no intruders are allowed close to the Prime Minister or his transport vehicle. This tactic also allows for potential security threats to be spotted much earlier and further away from the PM.


Never leave the VIP unattended

It is clear to see in the video that all of Mr. Cameron’s personal security officers divert their attention away from the Prime Minister and on to the potential threat. This is a huge mistake because if this was a terrorist attack there would more than likely be more than one assailant.

Even though the Prime Minister was left alone for a few seconds, this is more than enough time for a second attacker to reach the PM. One officer should always be assigned the task of ensuring he always stays with the PM.



First mistake is that Mr Cameron’s vehicle is not properly prepared for his arrival. The door to the vehicle should be opened pre-emptively. This allows for one of the security officers to assess the situation before the Prime Minister arrives and also acts as a valuable lookout whilst the Prime Minister makes his way to the vehicle.

In today’s climate we should expect better performances from security staff when protecting the leader of one of the most prominent countries in the world. The video evidence will no doubt be scrutinised by officials leading to improved security. Hopefully the Prime Minister’s personal protection will be more prepared in the future.

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