Q&A with Brendan Musgrove


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Q&A with Brendan Musgrove

How many years have you worked in the FM industry?

I have been working in FM for about ten years now


How long have you worked for Cordant?

Two and a half years


Why do you enjoy working for Cordant?

I like the agility and close knit relationships working for a family organisation delivers


Tell us a little bit about your career background

Within FM I have had a varied career working predominantly in compliance and specialist service lines. This has included water treatment, electrical compliance and specialist data centre cleaning to name but a few before taking on this role in security in January 2016.  Prior to that I have worked in logistics and the leisure sector, and I think have a combination of client and supplier side experience which really helps me take a well rounded view.


What is your proudest career moment?

I don't often allow myself to indulge in pride as it sort of implies the job is complete.  One thing I have learned in our industry is there is always room for constant improvement and innovation


What is the biggest challenge facing your brand and industry (ie. cleaning, security etc)?

Within security I think we have devalued our service line through price based tendering (obviously this does not apply to all). What we provide is an often business critical service, protecting assets, property and people.  We should be rightfully proud of what we do and focus on quality.


What does the future hold for your brand and industry? (ie. cleaning, security)

Our aim is to make Cordant Security to be the recognised market leader in its chosen markets


How do you demonstrate candor across client relationships?

Candour is a state of mind as much as anything.  It can take courage to say something to a customer that they might not want to hear at face value. However, if delivered in a positive and constructive manner it is the catalyst for continuous improvement


What initiatives does your brand drive to encourage collaboration?

We are constantly attempting to reduce the burden on management such that they can focus on colleague and client interactions. In addition we have a number of meetings / events to foster collaboration.


How do you seek out and develop new opportunities within your business division?

Keeping eyes and ears open and asking the odd "stupid question". It's amazing how many times the daftest of questions leads to real insight


How do you promote 'relentlessness' and promote success across your teams?

Relentlessness is promoted through a constant sense of self evaluation and asking the right question to get to the root cause of any problem


How does your brand support and initiate disruptive innovation?

By allowing failure.  If someone has a new idea let's not kill it off at the source based on assumptions or "we tried that before". Create a safe environment and let the idea run, and don't castigate it if it doesn't work on the first try


Who would play you in a film about your life?

Oliver Reed.  More insofar as I want to be him than him being anything like me


What did you want to be when you grew up?

A Spaceman


What was the last thing you watched on TV?

Better Call Saul


What inspires you?

I think you can seek inspiration from lots of places.  A snippet of a conversation with an officer, an article, a passage in a book or just a good song on the radio


Tell us a joke…

I can't do jokes and certainly none for wider publication