Q&A with Oliver Bennett


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Q&A with Oliver Bennett

What is your job title?

Business Development Manager


How many years have you worked in the FM indsutry?

Two years


How many years have you worked at Cordant?

Two years


Where did you spend your time on World FM Day?

XPO Logistics Distribution Centre in Daventry


What sort of tasks did you complete?

I carried out many duties across the site including reception duties, access control, CCTV monitoring, vehicle checking, and internal patrols all accompanied by SIA licensed officers.


What was the hardest part of your experience?

There are issues with the access control turnstiles on site installed by a different supplier, they were not working properly and there were issues with ingress and egress during break and lunch periods which is a problem our officers dealt with very well.


What did you learn?

Officers have a tough job to perform their tasks and manage the high numbers of individuals entering and exiting the site whilst searching individuals that are identified by alarms. Our officers worked really well under pressure.

What surprised you?

The high number of individuals that work on site in the warehouse. There are between 300-1000 individuals that the officers are required to manage.


What was most enjoyable?

Engaging with the officers and learning about their journeys with Cordant. Most officers on site had started as relief officers and progressed through our succession planning programme to core officers which is really good to hear about.


Would you do it again if given the chance?

Yes definitely, it was a valuable experience learning from the officers on the ground performing the tasks.