Q&A with Seb Sharpe


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Q&A with Seb Sharpe

What is your job title?

Business Development Manager


How many years have you worked in the FM industry?

Five years


How many years have you worked for Cordant?

Five years


Where did you spend your time on World FM Day?

Stagecoach Bus Garage in West Ham


What sort of tasks did you complete?

At the bus garage in West Ham our employees look after all the buses cleaning them, auditing and allocating them throughout the night ready for the morning. I took part in the majority of the tasks.


What was the hardest part of your experience?

Cleaning was definitely the hardest part. Cleaning is a bit of a thankless task and only gets noticed if you do a bad job so it was important that each bus was spotless. I wasn’t used to the pace which our employees work at. They were very professional.


What did you learn?

Working to a set productivity is challenging. The shear amount of buses that come through the garage means that all our employees have to work effectively to get the job done properly before the buses go back out in the morning


What surprised you?

The amount of bus movements and dangers in the bus garage was the most surprising. Safety is paramount in an environment like this. All of our employees were aware of the risks and knew how to mitigate them at all times.


What was most enjoyable?

Allocating buses


Would you do it again if given the chance?

Yes, it was an eye opening experience into what goes on behind the scenes every night at a London Bus Garage