RUSI Launch New Strategic Hub


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The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has announced the launch of a new Strategic Hub designed to explore and tackle serious and organised crime by way of high level research. The new hub will develop a world class research agenda that meets the needs of both policy makers and practitioners in the field.

The new hub has been initiated in association with the Home Office, the National Crime Agency, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Partnership for Crime, Conflict and Security within Research Councils UK.

It is estimated that organised crime in the UK costs at least £24 billion and has significant negative impact across communities, families and individuals. The harmful acts of organised crime are becoming increasingly visible throughout the UK with new areas of cyber crime like the use of the deep web for criminal activities such as drug trafficking.

Despite the government's focus on combating organised crime there are still gaps in the understanding of scale and nature of organised crime in the UK or overseas. The new Strategic Hub will fill this knowledge gap bridging the space between highly knowledgeable academics and policymakers.

The hub will look to develop new strategies and methodologies to examine the issues which the UK faces internally and throughout the world. These priorities will be examined by policymakers, academics and researches at a conference held by RUSI on the 8th December 2014.