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Success In Retail

In the Retail Sector the Morrisons contract continues to grow with the integration of an additional 82 stores, which includes welcoming 86 extra officers to our retail security team. We recently completed the implementation phase of Morrisons Manufacturing and Logistic sites which went live on the 1st January. A warm welcomed to the 53 new security officers across a total of nine sites.

Resource planning for our Retail clients is a critical part of the service we provide during the peak Christmas season. Matalan is just one of the clients we worked in partnership with and this year provided them with an additional 147 retail security officers on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day was a huge success for our Security teams. We provided outstanding coverage to all of our customers with no issues, thus ensuring the safety of Cordant employees, our clients’ staff and their customers.
In partnership with the Cordant L&D team we have created an interactive officer essentials retail training program for our store based security teams to bridge the knowledge gap between our customers KPI’s and store duties, whilst at the same time encapsulating critical elements of their role, such as SCONE, EAS gates and What Good Looks Like (Cordant’s professional standards).
The bespoke training is delivered via tablet/mobile device and provides a platform for our staff to expand their training and development through Cordant Learning Heroes – our interactive e-learning program.