Terrorism Threat to the UK


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According to ACPO’s National Policing Lead for Counter-Terrorism, Met Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, counter terrorism has been the police’s, security agencies and the government’s responsibility for too long. AC Mark Rowley called for people and businesses to be prepared to play their part, especially with recent political hostility involving ISIS and other terrorist activity such as the murder of Lee Rigby last year and the more recent attacks in Paris.

Mr Rowley said “The danger posed by violent extremists has evolved. They are no longer a problem solely stemming from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, far away in the minds of the public. Now, they are home grown, in our communities; radicalised by images and messages they read on social media and prepared to kill for their cause. The tragic murder of Lee Rigby last year was a stark warning to us all about how real and local the threat is.”

So far this year Mr Rowley states that the police force have disrupted several attack plots and made 271 arrests following counter-terrorism investigations. But with the threat level being raised to severe it important that businesses and the public contribute to the prevention of terrorism.

According to a police report, since the terror level increased on August 29th reports from the public have doubled. Rowley stresses for more citizens to have the confidence to report any suspicious activity “Please tell us if you know or suspect something: your information could save lives. We will deal with information passed to us carefully and respond sensitively and proportionately.”