The Secret to Tackling Warehouse Crime


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The Secret to Tackling Warehouse Crime

The logistics industry contributes £11.9 billion to the UK economy with an estimated cost of millions being lost to criminal activity every year.

What we’ve found throughout our years securing many of the UK’s logistics sites is that they can be hotbeds for opportunistic crime but also targets from more intelligent organised crime.

Catching organised criminals has always been a tough task but implementing the right techniques can significantly disrupt any criminal operation.

Agility is the keystone to building an effective security operation which combats organised crime. Having a robust, static security provision has its benefits but it comes with predictability. The intelligent criminal can decipher patrol patterns, shift times and gaps in security provision.

Regular, open reviews between the security provider and client are a necessity. Reviewing the loss issue at hand and discussing plans and processes to tackle the problem is an essential starting point for the task ahead.

Along with the plans proposed it's important that these plans can be altered and improved constantly. Flexible resourcing is a technique that can be used to keep criminals guessing. This may mean moving officers around the site or drafting in additional resource.

But sometimes there is a place for ‘elite’ resource. Resources that have a very particular set of skills, skills that they have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make them a nightmare for someone like who you may be struggling with. Sorry, channeling my inner Liam Neeson.

Elite security units that can conduct certain security operations at random times or monitor suspected offenders have proven to be extremely effective as the organised criminal cannot predict when or where they will strike.

All the elements working together make an impactful but fluid security solution that remains unpredictable, always keeping organised criminals guessing.